35 Important Things Only Chicagoans Will Understand

Thought Catalog

1. It’s not called the Windy City because of the weather. It’s because of the politics. However, on a really cold day, you won’t care about the difference.

2. In the winter, it’s not worth it to go anywhere that’s more than five blocks from your house. Get to know your neighborhood.

3. It’s called the Sears Tower. It will always be called the Sears Tower. The Willis Tower is not a thing.

4. Lebron James is the devil.

5. People who talk on the phone on public transit are the worst people in the world and deserve to be shunned from society. That is, until you need to take a call.

6. Ventra is the worst thing that has ever happened to people.

7. It’s impossible to root for the White Sox and the Cubs at the same time. Like being a Republican AND a Democrat, that’s just not…

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